The Events
Racing and other sailing events are organised by the Sailing Committee.
Races fall into three Main types:
  • Monthly Club Handicap events
  • Cup racing, sometimes just for one class of boat
  • Open events
The Monthly Handicap is for all sailors and boats. It is held on one day,normally a Sunday and there are normally at least 3 races. There are two prizes. The first is for the fastest boat on the water on the day. In the “handicap” you are given an adjusted score based on your previous
handicap race results. So if you have done very well the previous month, it is harder to win the next time round, as your time is adjusted accordingly. In your first race you are awarded the class average handicap for Laser or Fireball sailors at the Club, whichever you are sailing.
In Cup events regardless of the sailor’s handicap the boat’s position is the one in which it crosses the finish line. Cup racing is sometimes for just one class of boat, and sometimes for all classes. Lasers and Fireballs are ranked against each using the Portsmouth Yardstick which adjusts the time
taken to finish the race by an index of the speed of that type of boat. Fireballs with 3 sails have a lower index than Lasers with just one sail.
Visitors to Naivasha . . . and Travelling to Pastures New
Each year there are also Open events to which members of other sailing clubs such as Kilifi, Mombasa, Dar es Salaam and Victoria Nyanza are invited – examples include the NYC Laser Open and the Laser, Fireball and Optimist Championships usually held at Kilifi in July. The latter gives a great opportunity to sail in consistent but challenging coastal winds. In turn, each of these Clubs holds open events to which Naivasha sailors are invited. The Club owns a few trailers for taking boats to and from the coast.
International Competitions
If you might be interested in taking part in an international sailing event, you should join the Class Association (see contacts at Annex 2). Kenya sailors have taken part in events in many places: South Africa, UK, Spain, Mexico, Slovenia, Morocco, Reunion . . . to name but a few. Sailing at away events is always well worth the effort.