The Club

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The Naivasha Yacht Club (NYC) was founded in 1932 and got off to a good start with 95 members in its first year. By 1939, there were some 28 boats at the Club, the majority of which had been built by the members themselves. Membership was low during WW2, but after the war NYC continued to prosper and in 2013 has around 160 members.

Our Aim

The rules of the Club state that “the objects for which the Club is formed are:

  1. to encourage yacht building and yacht sailing by amateurs;
  2. to encourage yacht racing by the promotion of regattas, and giving of prizes, and by any other means which may from time to time be determined upon by the Club; and
  3. to provide and maintain a clubhouse for the use of members, or such other accommodation and facilities as may be deemed requisite from time to time.”

Primarily, therefore, we are a Sailing Club, so Members are expected to sail or want to learn, to promote sailing and to be interested in the sport.

We are not a facility for power-boating, jet skiing, picnics, lakeside accommodation or general outdoor pursuits.

The Club and Surroundings

“Lotus Island” is on the property of Sarah Higgins, which includes the “causeway” that is currently 6 ft under water but brings you to the Club when the Lake level is low. At the time of writing, the Club is surrounded by water on all sides, so a boat must be taken from the Farm to the Island.

Sailing takes place within the lagoon encircled by Crescent Island. Although the Crater Lake is relatively deep - formed by the submerged crater of a volcano - much of the rest of the Lake is very shallow.

On the way to the Island, you will see a myriad of wild animals and birdlife. Once you reach the Club, the boats and workshop are down by the Lake, with the Clubhouse up on the hill. There are showers and toilets both near the boats and near the Clubhouse.

The Club is managed on a day to day basis by Patrick Mwai who lives on site. He is assisted by three permanent staff and 3 night time askaris. If you have any questions whilst there, please speak to Patrick who will be able to assist.


Our aim is to cater for people who are interested in sailing at all levels – from beginners to experienced sailors; from those who wish to go out occasionally to potter around on the water to those who want to compete in racing events.

There are three main types of sailing dinghies in use at the Club:

  • Fireballs, for two people, have a spinnaker and trapeze
  • Lasers, for one person have a single sail (though sometimes sailed by two Under-14s)
  • Optimists, for children

The Club has a number of boats available for members and their guests to hire. These include Lasers and Optimists; two refurbished ‘family’ boats, a GP 14 and an Enterprise. These are stable, slower boats needing at least two sailors but able to take up to 3 or 4 on board, and very enjoyable for learning or ‘pottering’ on (there’s enough space for some sandwiches and a pair of binoculars…).

Racing takes place about twice a month. On some Sundays there is informal family sailing, at which we try to provide some training support for those who would like to hone their skills on the water. This is a great chance to improve confidence or skills in a relaxed atmosphere.

You are of course welcome to come sailing on any day of the week, whether there is an event or not, and you are welcome to sail on your own if you do not want to take part.